Each plug is personally hand signed with

William Pierson

Pierson Plugs is considered by many to be some of the finest handcrafted cedar top water lures in the world today. Bill Pierson (owner of Pierson Plugs) as a young boy, learned from his neighbor, and then from masters for over 45 years, (at first) hand carving. Then his wife bought him a lathe to turn plugs instead of hand carving them. He had no one to show him how and what to do to turn, paint, and assemble the plugs.

After trial and error for a couple years, he started fishing with them and was quite successful in catching fish with them. Friends of his were impressed by his work and started putting orders in for them. They too started doing well with them and what was a hobby for many years, then turned into a business in 2005. Throughout the years, he has perfected his technique for turning, painting, and assembling the plugs to make them what you see today. He is always looking for ways to make the plugs better and coming up with new ideas to keep them fresh and interesting by listening to his customers and the ideas of the people who work with him. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer whether you decide to fish with them or just collect them, know that there are many years of love of the sport of fishing and the outdoors that are put into all the plugs we make.