Handmade Cedar Propeller (Prop) Lures


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Prop baits are one of the highest-rated topwater lures ever made or fished. Large/smallmouth bass, striped bass, muskie, pike, they are almost foolproof. You can cast and retrieve ’em or can be used as a stick bait or coasters, trolling, etc fresh or saltwater screw eyes are stainless and hooks are mustad sized according to what is needed to keep your presentation working… (sounds like buzz baits) super topwater action.

Tips on Fishing with Our Props

Our props sound a lot like buzz baits or spinner baits, this attracts the fish unlike buzz or spinner bait. You can’t stop and work the area, it sinks and goes to the bottom and then you lose it or you have to recast the area. Our propeller baits float. You can stop them and work the area with it like a stick bait or dead fish it with little movement. If the fish don’t hit it, then recast and move in the area a little slower. With wood plugs such as our cedar lures, fishing shallow weed beds, lily pads, cover close to the surface or near the edge of a creek bank, lakes, ponds, for muskie, bass, and pike is made easy.

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4-in. single prop., 4-in. double prop., 5-in. single prop., 5-in. double prop., 6-in. single prop., 6-in. double prop.